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Yorkshire BVD Project


Kebir House Veterinary Group is proud to be part of the Yorkshire BVD project.

We are working closely with cattle farmers in the area to help Yorkshire become BVD free. Certain areas have already been successfully tackled and are now in the monitoring stage.


Do you know your BVD status??

BVD can be responsible for major financial losses in beef and dairy herds. It is estimated that 90% of UK herds have had some exposure to BVD (which stands for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea).

BVD is most significant when it infects susceptible animals during early pregnancy. This results in foetal death/abortion, weak/premature calves and birth defects of the eyes and nervous system. If the mother is infected before day 110-120 of the pregnancy, this can result in a live but persistently infected calf, which will shed the disease for the rest of its life, infectiong all susceptible animals with which it comes into contact.

Persistently infected calves commenly present as 'poor doers' and often suffer with chronic infections such as pneumonia due to immunosuppression caused by the disease.

BVD can also be spread in semen of infected bulls.



BVD eradication is possible following whole herd blood testing and elimination of persistently infected carrier animals. Improved biosecurity (and vaccination) can then be used to protect the herd from re-infection.

There may be some drug company funding becoming available this summer to continue to help Yorkshire farmers tackle BVD in our herds - watch this space for more info.